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The hands come from Holdem NL Omaha PL games. The highest stakes WiltOnTilt has been seen playing is $0. Kindly note that only high stakes games ($25/50NL and above) are covered by the player Best coaching vids of all time - Poker Theory - General Nov 16, 2011 · Wiltontilt "Math of NL holdem" DrGiggy "Giggy represents" Sbrugby "Combinatorics" Krantz "pr1nnyraiding" Grindcore "The thin red grind/line" Balugawhale "The coaching tree" Balugawhale "Whale tales" Jungleman12 "High stakes Friday" good video but you need to … Texas Holdem Poker Math - Arithmetic, Odds, and Strategy

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Also, I’d highly recommend you check out the Mathematics of NL Hold’em Ep. 2 and Ep. 6 by WiltOnTilt at DeucesCracked for some great video tutorials (and examples) on using hand combinations in poker. Go back to the awesome Texas Hold'em Strategy. Mathematics Texas Holdem - 20 Texas Hold'em Poker Odds ... Be the big stack.To gain information: mathematics texas holdem offline texas holdem iphone This entry from the mainstream publishing house Kensington might surprise a few people, but it’s a stupendously good poker book geared mostly for no-limit hold’em tournament play.

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Бесплатные полезности | PokerBookz | ВКонтакте Бесплатные полезности. PokerBookz 12 июл 2014 в 14:35. Эд Миллер "Как читать руки в безлимитном холдеме" [RUS] http"Математика покера" Билла Чена и Джеррода Анкенмана (The Mathematics of Poker: Bill Chen, Jerrod Ankenman) [RUS] Том 1: http... Теоретически оптимальная стратегия игры в NL Holdem Книга Теоретически оптимальная стратегия игры в безлимитный холдем укрепит ваши теоретические познания о покере и предоставит необходимые навыки для создания бетсайзинга и диапазонов, что позволит одержать победу над более сильными соперниками.

Mathematical Concepts for No-Limit Holdem (1) - EV & Ranges

Google -> "Mit poker class 2013" 4. Videoseries "Mathematics of NL Hold' em" by WiltOnTilt of DeucesCracked.I find Bill Chen's book on the Mathematics of Poker to be pretty accessible. he advocates playing distributions of hands against distribution of hands rather than single hands against...

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Mathematical Concepts for No-Limit Holdem (1) - EV & Ranges In this series you will learn about basic and advanced mathematical concepts in No Limit Hold'em. You will learn to understand mathematical relationships and find out about their possible application to online poker. Here the main focus will be on the precise calculation of, or the estimating of results from various possible decisions in a hand. Texas Holdem Poker Math - Arithmetic, Odds, and Strategy